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Sunday, February 20, 2011
The end of a chapter.


in the name of love.
10:00 PM

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Valentines Day came and went and all ck and I were thinking was, "Shit, our assignment is due on XXX"

That's Life in NUS ):

in the name of love.
12:54 AM

Sunday, January 16, 2011
Argh my brain is so rusty after nearly 2 months of good old holidays! Now I can't even get through a single webcast without gg to raid my fridge/play with moo/go to the toilet every 15 mins.

Been helping out at D's firm now and and, I managed to close my very first deal last last week! :) Yay! Tmr is my second assignment and I'm kind of nervous. I hope everything goes smoothly cause I spent quite alot of time preparing.

Spent Sat with my cat and we had a happy time! His hair was so long it was curling at the fringe so he went for a haircut. Now it looks like a helmet when blended in with his thick sideburns and eyebrows hahahaha :D

PLUS, he was laughing/scoffing at some guy with bangs just before his haircut and POOF, he ended up with bangs too! :D

 hello helmet head!
Okay I need to take a nap I am so sleepy.

in the name of love.
7:54 PM

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Here is one thing I am going to do in 2011:

Very long ago, I got myself a cartilage piercing.........

........Which, for some reason, evolved into a MEATBALL )))):

Gross little thing in red )):

And so a MUST-DO on my 2011 list is to get it surgically removed because its is GROWING ):

hahaha I know this is very random.....

in the name of love.
3:48 PM

Friday, December 31, 2010
Oh god I am so frustrated.

"Sometimes I think we'd do better as dandelion seeds, no family, no friends, no history, just floating off into the world, each on our own piece of fluff."

in the name of love.
4:12 AM

Sunday, November 28, 2010
Hello folks, I'm back from Aussie!!!!!!!!!!! (:

Actually I'm a grumpy gnome now cus Aussie weather was so dry it made my skin scalyish and bad!  Horrors! /: When I say dry, think crispy potato chips even when you have left them out in the open for hours. You totally don't have to bundle up your half-eaten bag of chips cus leaving them exposed to air doesnt even make them soggy! Plus, I didn't sweat a drop in my 10 days there! Sounds good eh? Actually dry air isn't half bad, I just really hate my low tolerance to weather and climate changes :( 

Note to jx and fio: BRING LOADS OF MOISTURIZER! :D

Anw, I had a pretty good trip, first spending 5 days in Perth and then another 5 in Sydney! (: Perth was quite boring I feel, but we had a lovely apartment in Scarborough that overlooks the Indian Ocean, which was really really really pretty! I've never seen such a lovely sunset from my balcony, and  also the clearest blue skies and deep blue waters! Plus, I've waddled in Indian Ocean water okay! Not sea, not river, not lake, not swimming pool but OCEAN! hahahahaha! *very proud*

Late sunset one day, completely unedited! Really wished I had a DSLR to capture this more vividly!

 dad and mom (:
Family at our balcony
 With the Indian Ocean behind me (:

Other highlights of Perth included the Caversham Wildlife Park, where we met adorable kangeroos (omg I want one!!!), lazy koalas and a fat wombat as well as Sand Boarding at the sand dunes in some obscure corner of Perth! (: Fun fun!
So cuteee! They remind me of moomoo and even gave me their paws! :D
See!! So KeWtzZ! (: But later I saw souvenir shops selling kangeroo paws and got damn freaked out! How can they do that!!?!?! FYI they sold kangeroo balls and scrotums too //: Lol I was actually tempted to buy one for ck to freak him out but that's sort of against my principles...

 Aww I love kangeroos! (: Apparently, kangeroo mommies have a very short pregnancy of just one month, and when they give birth to the babies (called joeys), the little joeys are only the size of our thumb and do not have eyes or mouth or tails. All they have are two little "arms" which helps them to climb into their mommy's snug pouch, and that's where they will stay for the next 7 months until they grow up! So cute right!! I never knew that! lol! See, I really paid attention to the guide! :D 
 And that brown thing sitting there is the famous wombat of the park! hahaha it looks unbelievably lazy and contented and sooo resembled a brown pig! The guide said that its the park's big baby! 

haha and a classic pic of a lazy, sleepy koala. Two fun facts I remb are 1) they are uber lazy creatures who sleep alllll day and 2) koalas do not drink water! They get their liquid intake from the leaves they chew.
Aww. They make good tree decos right!

 The sand dunes in Perth looks just like snow, cus the sunlight reflecting off it made them look white. Very pretty! (: The sand felt good beneath bare feet too; its really fine and smooth unlike sentosa sand haha.

 sand dunes for monster trucks to go up and dwn to scare the shit out of you :D My group driver didn't attempt very scary stunts though, probably cus there were some elderly people in the group. Sianzz!
 Of cus must do jump shots in such a vast area :D
 bro sand boarding down at top speed and sliding off his board haha
  wheee its so fun!! but climbing up (so you can slide down) is effing tiring!!!

haha and that's about it for Perth! (which is why I say its boring) We visited the Pinnacles too, which was cool but just good for a short look around. Apparently many many limestone rocks just sprouted out of the ground one day and it soon became an attraction haha. Its hugeee with no end and I remb thinking what will happen if I'm lost in the vastness of it all. In fact, I was just wondering if there would be a mobile phone signal when my dad's hp rang very loudly in the midst of the desert hahaha. So confirmed, GOT. lol!

The markets at Fremantle were just so so and incredibly expensive, whilst seafood in Sydney beats Perth hands down (Sydney fish market is a must go!!). My family also drove down to a small town called Margaret River, which took agessssssss! I swear I was on the road more than I was taking in the sights of Perth that day. PLUS, by the time we reached there, it was like 4.30pm and everyone knocks off at 5pm in Perth (wth!) Perth is really sparse and hugeeeee, so it takes really long to travel from one place to another, and in my view, I think it sucks. On that fateful day, we also gt terribly lost at night and would have hit a kangeroo on Perth's rather dark highways if not for my bro, who emitted a high pitch shriek of warning so my dad braked in time. I thought it was quite exciting but my mom was damn freaked out haha! 

Some touristy shots of Margeret River:


I'll prob blog abt Sydney another time (: I love Sydney and its like a Singapore with great cool weather actually, meaning it was a far cry from laid-back Perth. I've always thought that I'll love a laidback life in the country side with rolling hills and pastures but after gg to Perth, I realise that I've always been and will be a "city" kinda girl. I still prefer busy streets, lots of people walking around, lots of activity gg on and shops that open til late :) 

And before I go, I need to talk about a roller coaster of good news and bad news:

Bad news first. On our flight back, Qantas freaking lost one of our luggage!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my clothes, make up, shoes, souvenirs, wine etc etc.......... Turns out our poor luggage got left behind in Sydney.

But comes the good news, they managed to track it down and retrieve it for us, even sending it to our doorstep at midnight last night.

And then the bad news again:

LOL WTF RIGHT! Have you ever seen such a badly injured luggage??? hahahaha.


in the name of love.
12:35 AM

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aussie here I comeeeeeeeee! :)

I think there'll be minimal internet there so I'm going to be disconnected from my world for 9 days.

tata! (:

in the name of love.
3:01 PM

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Okay, turning into the sappy teenager all over again!

I want to know the ending now now naooooooo!

Fat cat is still having exams and I'm bored to tears ): In fact, after I rot for a week at home, go to Aussie for another week and  half and come back, he's still not done )): So there's no one to play/go out with me these days. depress max!

Hurry upppp slowpok :D

I'm feeling very useless bumming around after exams, hence here is a list of things that I'll strive to do:

1. Contine learning korean (anyone wants to take korean in nus next sem? :D)
2. Find internship for next summer
3. Cook
4. Unravel the mysteries behind how many mods I have left to clear to complete my degree (eh this is very confusing)
5. Read a few good books
6. Exercise (can imagine stupid ck giving the "yeah right" face lol)
7. Enjoy myself in Aussie and eat all the fruits I can possibly eat
8 Get a tan without getting skin cancer (hmm..)
9. Meet a Koala (:

Will add on/delete from the list accordingly hahaha!

Well, have a good holiday everyone! (:

And jiayou to all still having exams!!!!! <3

in the name of love.
5:35 PM

Friday, November 05, 2010
It is taking ALL my willpower to keep on going with Corp Fin.

I need a magic incantation for automatic compilation of cheatsheets!!!!!!

in the name of love.
6:46 PM

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Some unexplained sadness

Count down: 9 days

in the name of love.
7:26 PM

Saturday, October 23, 2010
My fat cat really bought me an ipod touch for me 21st! :D

All the games are soooooooo addictive. I can really chop cucumbers all day lol.

25/10: CF critique due
26/10: PBM report + Presentation
1/11: AM report + presentation+ CF case report
6/11: CF Final Exam
9/11: FM Presentation + FM 30pg report + AM Final Exam + PBM Final Exam

What can I say? Masty things come in pairs (and in my case, groups ):)

9/11 8:30pm spells F-R-E-E-D-O-M!!!!

:D :D :D

in the name of love.
1:39 PM

Thursday, October 14, 2010
The history;

If time could stop,
how do I make this more poetic?
When there's nothing more pathetic to be said.

in the name of love.
1:04 AM

Sunday, October 03, 2010
feels just like it's heaven's touch

Oh man, the injured pigeon that we were nursing diedddddd ): I think it must have had some internal injury somewhere after getting attacked by the bad mimi! So poor thing! 

The culprit.

I really think cats are too instinct-driven for their own good! I have heard of like so many cases where meowmeow cats committed a unreluctant sucide just to get their claws on an unlucky passing birdie /: Its damn tragic. Luckily I stay on the 2nd floor or else its gna be "byebye mimi" ):

Nonetheless, mimi is now comdemned to the hall of shame for being "The Bird Killer". haha. Moomoo is so much kinder in comparison! There was once he saw a bird trapped in the fence and he just stood there and wagged its tail at it until my dad saw and rescued the bird... If mimi had been there ah, it'll be like nomnomnom crunch crunch......


Anw, I had a really really incredible 21st this year (: I am so grateful for all the love and well wishes and I really wish to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. *turns all emo* so here's a tribute to all my dearest friends, family and the boyf! (:

1. Surprise party at Macdonalds (I know right.. I must be their oldest bday girl!! haha!!)

haha this is jointly organised by my sistaaa, my cat and uni friends! (: They were good man, because I was totally and utterly unsuspecting....

ck told me we were to go collect sth that he bought from online (I thought he bought me the ipod touch hahahaha!!) and after that, we were supposed to visit the optician to make glasses together cus I lost mine! It was a perfectly reasonable thing to me so I really had no idea!

Which on hindsight, wasn't a very good thing, cus I was wearing v lokcok stuff and I didnt even comb my hair that morning cus I was late for project mtg /:

But it was really fun and sweet, seeing how everyone (all grown up) were in party hats and everything, forced to dance to silly music. Thanks so much guys! (:

And there's even part two! (: midatumn caleb in the park haha, complete with sparklers, mooncakes, lanterns, and lightsticks provided by my thoughtful cat! ((:

It was my first time playing with sparklers other than times when I was a kid! I don't remb them being sooo loud but apparently ck got those that whistle so its goes "pffffffffffffffffffffffttttttt" and then burst into flames! Very exciting! I had a really great time that day! (: oh and I love the wallet from Kate Spade too (: I really love the colour and I wanted to exchange for the bigger one of that style but its was oos!! ): So I got the one in black and cream.

To end off, look what I got in my Happy Meal! haha!

2. 2D1N with summer girls!
My ku summer gfs also celebrated my bday together with Wenyi at 2D1N, currently my favourite korean restaurant!! omg it was so good to see them again, and as we were walking to find the restuarant w leeven and xiangmin leading us, I really felt super nostalgic cus it reminded me of the times we were in korea, navigating to find our way (: Ahh I love you girls! (:

Yummy I super love the fatty pork wraps (: I dont usually take fatty meat but this is heavenly!!

haha they sang my bday song in korean yo! (: major love!! and I love the eyeshadow blend kit they got me from MAC (: thanks so much girls. Lets keep meeting up k! (: and congrats xm! She's a millionaire in korean won hahaha!

3. BFFs :)

You know, I actually can't remb how the three of us got to be such good friends......... (: but there is really nth I cannot confide in my bffs (: aww..

We must really think alike, because we ended up in matching attires that day! hahahaha! Damn weird lah...

Jx knew I've been wanting to try PS cafe for the longest time, so he got us a table there yay! And indeed, it was as good as he had always described! The ambience is great, the service is great and the food is great! (: oh and the cakes...!!!

 flourless orange cake with warm caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream! heavenly!

I know this is definitely good by industry standards but I'm just no fan of it! hahaha!
 Doesn't it look yummy? (:

I have to admit that this is my first atas bag unless you count the burberry one I got as a gift for interning haha!
see, I brought it out today! (:
and the set of russian dolls! the tiniest one is soooo cute!! :D

and to top it off,

 A MIMI CARD!!!!!!!! hahahahahha! Got music somemore!!

We yakked til like 11 that evening like a bunch of very free and very rich aunties! (we wish) haha! Thanks for everything bffs! (: cheers to 3 years of friendship and with many many more years to come (:

4. SM people (:

Dinner at 2D1N again haha but I think this place is now Decki and Sylvia's nightmare cause they got lost and took about 1 hour + to find the place!! whoops! hahaha! Not many pictures for this cus I'm still waiting for them to be uploaded on fb (:

My yummy bday blueberry cheesecake, from Tom N Tom coffee, no less!! (: It might not sound familiar in singapore but its a pretty big coffee chain in Korea!! (:
 They actually wrote messages on the box but I didnt know and tore it oops! hahaha!
 (: so sweeet!

And they got me a super pretty watch as well omg! Damn touched lor (: Thanks so much guys!!

I love it! (:

5. Mushrooomieeee (:
 lol! this is the only picture my photo-phobic friend and I took today! And guess who's the photographer.... ): haha! I dunno how you all take such perfect selfshots!!

Anw, Mushroom brought me to One Rochester for an atas brunch today. And now I know a new quaint eating placeeee to go (: There are quite a few restaurants here set in revamped old british houses, with indoor and alfresco dining (: very nice! 

The set lunch was really reasonable too, like a main course, dessert and coffee/tea for abt 21++ (: and it was tasty!

 Steak! (: sorry for the over-exposed picture haha!

and the heavenly lava choc cake (:

Thanks for the treat my dearest shrooooms ((: Gosh we're like friends for almost a decade!! We're so old already!! I love youuuu muchie! :))

Wow this is a really long-winded post! But there's more! I also want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday and for all the messages on fb etc :) they really made me smile! Thanks esp to lekchia for the surprise present (an x-mini yo!!) and to my cat's parent's too for their gift.

And lastly lastly, my parents who gave me a lovely necklace and $$ yay hahaha, my sistaa and brother, and the person whom I've thanked once but need to thank again: my boyf, the fat chankeet! :D I know you worked v hard to org my party and I accept partial responsibility if you fail all your midterms hahahahahaah! I love you (: Thanks for everything <3

in the name of love.
8:21 PM